Bringing the sounds of home closer to where you are

MMusic Productions is an up-and-coming entertainment company that specializes in featuring
Filipino talents in concerts abroad. Our mission involves bringing expatriate friends and families together
for a night of nostalgia and relaxation as they enjoy sights and sounds that reminds them of home. Our
vision is to showcase talents to anywhere in the world that are truly Filipino, truly world-class.
We bring the sounds of home closer to where you are. Visualize this: you, coming from a hard day’s work
and going straight to soothing and enjoyable tunes, familiar faces and loads of laughter. With MMusic Productions concert offerings, you never have to imagine! Be entertained by topnotch Filipino
performers—singers, actors, comedians and more!

We take you on a journey to the homeland, the Philippines, right at the comfort of your own “backyard”.
With MMusic Productions, no long-haul flights are needed. Just go to the event venue and bask in the familiar
Filipino spirit of warmth, hospitality and fun. All that’s left for you to do is unwind and have a great

Join us as we create lasting memories with you, one spectacular concert at a time!